Mark getting hit in the face by TrexSkrillex

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The Begining

At first there was nothing. Then there was a gay boii called Mark. Mark is from Uganda. Mark randomly appeared in a ditch off of the Ugandian road. He was approached by a man of the name Kimbo Slice. Kimbo Slice decided to teach Mark everything he knew so he would be able to get into a final battle with his nemesis only know as Skrillex...

One day later Kimbo Slice finally told the gay boy "You are very poo on floor at the street fights i don't think i can teach you any more". Mark then said "Whats can ah deee." So Mark approached Skrillex and declared that he would have an epic street fight of the ages. Skrillex told Mark that he was not strong enough in the way of the wub wubs to defeat him but Mark insisted that he was ready. As the fight began millions of hispanic people circled the area creating a ring which only one can leave. So the fight began Mark charged towards Skrillex. Mark tried to swing for Skrillex but Skrillex was too agile and ducked and went in for an upper cut. The Upper cut was a direct hit and put Mark onto his arse. As Mark stood back up Skrillex explained that he would let Mark live if said that he was a bad wub wubber and that Skrillex was the best wub wubber around. Mark declined and carried on with the fight.

Mark went back for Skrillex again but this time he yelled "BY THE POWER OF MY ACTION DOLLYS I HAVE THE POWER". This was something secret which had been passed down by Kimbos Slice's black friends for a whole generation. When he reached Skrillex he got absolutley destroyed. When Skrillex started slingin the digz the massive wub wubs started to play in the background and he transformed into a TREX. He let out a chain of punches at Markls face. The picture above shows the final punch being landed onto GAY BOII as he falls to the floor. 

Skrillex walked over to the defeated Mark and stood over him with a wub wubity glare. He told Mark that he would allow him 2 walk out of the hispanic street fight circle alive just this one time. But he was old to never to say that he was a good wubitywubwuber again. Kimbo Slice then approached Mark and spat on his head and told him that he was a #mug gay boii. He also gave Mark a crafty sly punch to the side of the head as he didn't like him. 

The End

Love Kimbo xoxoxoxox

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